Bridging the digital and economic divide

One person, one credible, real time:

Dynamic Digital Profile

The SkillsPassport Social Enterprise Model

Our Dynamic Digital Profile articulates a persons potential, positioning them to access the economy and start their journey towards purpose and dignity.

SkillsPassport has, over the past six years, spent time on the business side of the digital divide in boardrooms of large corporates and SMEs and in the homes of individual employers to understand their needs and frustrations in the lower Living Standard Measure employment space. Coupled with this, vast amounts of time have been spent under trees, on the side of the road and in the homes of digitally invisible people on the other side of the digital divide to understand their frustrations and barriers to entering the employment market. 

Using information gleaned from both sides of the digital divide and after numerous design and development iterations, SkillsPassport has evolved a Social Enterprise Model that effectively makes digitally invisible people visible to the mainstream economy and the mainstream economy accessible to the now digitally visible, thereby bridging the digital and economic divide.

Digital Invisibility

The SkillsPassport Platform

The Social Enterprise Model is enabled by the SkillsPassport platform, a state-of-the-art web-enabled and mobile application that facilitates the capturing of a digitally invisible person’s demographic information, qualifications and various types of licences, to name a few. This information is continually augmented by employer ratings and myriad checks. A network of handpicked and trained SkillsPassport agents are deployed into marginalized communities or where needed to sign up the digitally invisible as Members on the platform. Agents are equipped with smartphones or tablets installed with the SkillsPassport app that facilitates and guides the sign-up process. Agents are incentivised to sign up people as accurately and efficiently as possible. The agents’ approach also allows the business model to cater for the illiterate. Captured information is converted by the platform into a credible, real-time Dynamic Digital profile

Member self empowerment

Through free access to the SkillsPassport Learning Centre, accessible directly from the platform,  Members are empowered to improve their Dynamic Digital Profile by completing myriad, applicable training courses. Each course completed is automatically added to their Dynamic Digital profile.  SkillsPassport awards the Member a rating for the effort they invest into self improvement. This rating is a powerful tool for a prospective employer to evaluate a Members drive and determination.

SkillsPassport continually adds training content to the Learning Centre with a view to ensuring Members continue to benefit.

Learning Centre

Collation of Repositories

Stakeholders are frustrated by the fact that people who do in fact have a digital profile, often have more than one profile stored in multiple repositories each with varying degrees accuracy, credibility and currency. SkillsPassport intends to remove duplication of profiles by making its repository of Members available to all on an information exchange basis thereby increasing accuracy, credibility and currency of information to the benefit of all, especially the Member.  


Stakeholders in the SkillsPassport Social Enterprise Model are defined as: Employers (domestic and corporate), Government, NGO’s and training providers) all of who either employ or add value to an individuals CV. Currently, CV’s are stored in myriad databases with varying degrees of credibility and currency. SkillsPassports’ simple philosophy of “One person, one credible dynamic digital profile” means that all stakeholders benefit from concise, accurate profile information centralized in one easily accessible location.

Measure and Evaluate

Monitoring and Evaluation

All stakeholders have a need in one way or another, for accurate, real-time information on Members performance whether it is job performance or during a training intervention. Added to this, stakeholders are also empowered to monitor Members performance and employment circumstance post intervention giving stakeholders the ability to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of their interventions. This powerful functionality is made possible by the platforms comprehensive ratings engine.

The SkillsPassport Card

Each Member is issued with a SkillsPassport card. The card can be presented by the Member to a potential employer who can scan the QR code on the card to view the Members Dynamic Digital Profile.  

Once the SkillsPassport financial services module is launched, all issued cards will be replaced with the SkillsPassport debit card aimed at moving Members closer to financial inclusion.


Getting Involved as an Employer, Government, NGO or Training Provider

The SkillsPassport platform is available to everyone! Simply click on “Login/Register” on the top right of this screen and register. Then login and the powerful functionality of the platform will be available to you on a “pay as you go” basis! The platform has a detailed, easy to use help function as well as a dedicated support function. You will realize the following benefits:

repository of members

Have easy access to a repository of credible, verified Members that are employer rated and verified

rate performance

Rate staff Members performance, using the SkillsPassport rating engine

minimize risk

Minimize the risk associated with employing 'unknown' people

reduce matching costs

Reduce cost of matching for skills development and entry level employment

time and attendance

Easily implement time and attendance

skills development

Monitor and easily manage the compulsory and discretionary spend on skills development


Easily perform checks such as qualifications, drivers license, ITC , criminal record


Avoid re-employing under-performing employees

save on hR costs

Save on HR costs by requiring current and future employees to have a SkillsPassport

customer ratings

Customer facing staff performance ratings by customers themselves

Getting Involved as a Member

The SkillsPassport platform is available to everyone! Simply click on “Login/Register” on the top right of this screen and register. To complete your Dynamic Digital Profile, you will have to find a SkillsPassport Agent who will do it for you. You can find the closest Agent in the app. The platform has a detailed, easy to use help function as well as a dedicated support function. Once you are a full member, realize the following benefits:


All checks like qualification, drivers license etc are stored on the Members profile, thereby building credibility


The Members Dynamic Digital profile makes them visible to employment and training opportunities

SkillsPassport Card

Members are issued with the SkillsPassport card with its QR code that can be scanned by an employer to view the Members Dynamic Digital Profile

Self empowerment

The ability for Members to enhance their Dynamic Digital profile by completing free, applicable courses through the SkillsPassport Learning Centre.

Save on Commuting costs

Eliminates the need for Members to commute from door to door canvassing and soliciting for jobs

Send Dynamic digital profile

Provides the ability for a Member to easily send their Dynamic Digital Profile to an e-mail address

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